Around Home

We live in the jungle in Thailand. Well, actually, we live in suburban Bangkok, between a Vietnamese restaurant and a barber shop, but we have created our own little jungle.


In our tiny patch of garden we have created a mini jungle, with two palm trees, a pomegranate tree, a custard apple tree, some vines, orchids and other plants.


A swarm of bees has taken up residence.  Their honeycomb is attached to a tree branch above the red flower.

Red orchid

The red flower from the previous picture is one of our orchids.

Orange orchid

This is another of our orchids just beginning to open.

White orchid

While not spectacular to look at, this orchid fills the air with a delightful perfume every night.  It has no perfume in the daytime.


Our house is just under 3 km from Don Muang airport and directly in line with the main runway.  In April  the Royal Thai Airforce put on a show. This photo was taken from the road just outside our front gate.

Jets again

I crossed the road to get this one.  These photos were not easy to take.  The planes were flying low and fast.  They were only visible for a short time on each pass.  I had to listen as they approached and try to guess where they would appear. After many tries I got lucky.