Grutas de Garcia

Villa de Garcia is a small town about 40 minutes drive to the northwest of Monterrey. The caves known as Grutas de Garcia are about 9 km from the town.  As part of the social program of the ICME-11 conference, that Sakorn attended, we joined a day trip to the town and the caves.

The Pass

The scenery around the caves is quite spectacular. 

Limestone hill

The weathered limestone hills have been carved into a variety of shapes by many centuries of weathering.


Yuccas provided what was, for us, a very unusual landscape.


Sakorn poses in front of a massive limestone hill.

Cable car

A new cable car has replaced the old funicular railway.


Here is the entrance to the caves.


Inside is an absolute wonderland.


As we moved from chamber to chamber we were treated with views of a multitude of different rock formations.

Nature's artwork

Nature's artwork, created over many thousands of years, never ceases to amaze me.


Outside the caves we see yuccas with a precarious toehold on the cliff edge.


This picture shows the view from the cave entrance with the visitors centre and carpark in the centre of the foreground.


In the little town of Villa de Garcia two houses have been converted into small museums.  Sakorn stands in the walled courtyard of one of these.


Here is an interesting locally made ceramic piece.


Leatherwork is a featured craft in Mexico. This beautiful saddle is a fine example.


Here we see Horse Saddle Mountain, which dominates the skyline in Monterrey, from the other side.

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