Margaret's Pen


In 2007 I visited my cousin Margaret at her home in Barwon Heads in Australia. When we swapped email addresses I absentmindedly pocketed Margaret's pen. I didn't discover this until it was too late to return the pen before I left Australia to go home to Bangkok. During 2008 I travelled to China and Mexico and took the pen with me. On this web page I have posted some photographs showing the pen in a few places on the Ancient Silk Road in the far northwest of China and in the ancient city of Teotihuacan which is about 50 kilometres northeast of Mexico City. Apart from the places shown in the photos the pen has also been in Bangkok, Tokyo, San Francisco, Urumqi, Shan Shan, Mexico City and Monterrey.  


Here the pen is in my shirt pocket in the 2000-year-old ruins of the ancient Chinese city of Gaochang.


Here the pen and I are with one of Sakorn's friends in the grape-growing city of Turpan. The structure spanning the main road behind us supports hundreds of grapevines.

los pyramides

In the background is the Mingsha Shan (the singing sand mountain) on the edge of the Kumtag Desert near the city of Dunhuang.


In the ancient city of Teotihuacan in Mexico the pen and I are in front of the Pyramid of the Sun, the third largest pyramid in the world.

Pyramide del sol

From the top of the Pyramid of the Sun you can look down on the smaller Pyramid of the Moon.


In the background here is the Pyramid of the Moon.


Here we are in front of the reconstructed palace of Quetzal-papalotl, the last ruler of Teotihuacan.