Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock is a spectacular rock formation overlooking Lysefjord in Norway. In July 2010,  Sakorn and I were lucky enough to be able to arrange a visit to this magnificent feature. To get there involved taking a boat from Stavanger to Tau, a bus from there to the beginning of the Preikestolen track and then an almost 4 kilometre hike which included an overall climb of more than 300 metres.


View taken near the beginning of the Preikestolen track.


This sign gives a detailed picture of the hike to Preikestolen.

Together at start

Here we are at the start of the track.

Sakorn and lodge

Behind Sakorn is the Preikestolen Fjellstue (mountain lodge).

Me starting out

The walk begins.

Rocky path

The path is steep and rocky near the start and in several other sections.

Lodge below

We soon leave the lodge far below.


As we climb further the views become more spectacular.

Safety fence

The fence and decking make this section of the track safe.

Sakorn with green view

Sakorn enhances the view.

Rocky view

Sakorn's hair shows the effect of the strong wind as we climb higher.

Approaching goal

At last we approach our goal.

At the top

A windblown Sakorn stands triumphantly on Preikestolen.  The wind was strong and gusty.  It would fade away to nothing and then suddenly return to gale force.

Me at the top

Here I am at the top.

Sakorn sitting near edge

Sakorn sits as near to the edge as she dares with the Lysefjord 600 metres below in the background.

Preikestolen below

We climbed further to view Preikestolen from above. Notice the large crack warning that one day the whole thing will plunge into the fjord below.

Me above Preikestolen

A picture to prove that I really completed the climb to a viewpoint above Preikestolen.  

Sakorn above Preikestolen

Sakorn also above Preikestolen.

Sakorn and Lysefjord

Sakorn with a view of Lysefjord in the background.

Watch your step

Walking back down requires care.

Looking back

Another view of Priekestolen with the fjord in the background.

Falling hat

Someone will be going home without their hat.  As we were making our way down I turned and took a photo just as a member of a group lost her cap.

Starting point

Back to the starting point.

From boat

A view of Preikestolen, taken the next day, from a boat on Lysefjord.